Bethany and the Tragedy of April 2013

I cannot speak for everyone when I say what I am about to say, but I would like you to know that all of you beautiful ladies are in my thoughts and prayers.

The terrible events that happened last week (yikes!) are going to live on in our lives for a very long time. Some of us knew people who were directly affected, while others of us experienced physical trauma from being inside of the house, and feeling the tremor of the explosion. Others of us were even close by and saw some of the horrific images first-hand.

Please rest assured that however you were effected, many people from around the nation are joining together to monetarily help, pray for, and physically assist in any way possible.

Rosanne, our director, has made it clear to us that  we can receive help by contacting this phone number: 617-534-5050– the Mayor’s office is helping in providing counselors for free to alleviate some of the stress of this trauma.

As far as things in the house are going, we know its hard to feel like getting back to normal, but it is what we are trying to do now. Restrooms will be checked, (eep!) room checks will be performed, dinner and breakfast will be served (yay!) and a new normal will become part of our lives. Don’t hate on the tourists, they mean well.

I love all of you girls and know that together we can form this awesome community of support and love. Tell each other how you feel, kiss your loved ones like you mean it!, take chances, life is short. You never know what may happen. Don’t listen to those conspiracy theorists or evil hate letters about this or that, but instead think upon things that are lovely and noble and think about that Mr. Rogers quote that is plastered all over the place! you know!! the one about looking for the helpers amidst the enemies and hatred.

Please please! let me know if there is any way I could help.  I am excited for the opportunity to make you feel a little bit better, and to talk it out with you, cause God knows I need to express my feelings too. Thanks for your time!

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Events Part II

I was searching for some events to post and I found a two traditional and ethnic events happening in Boston, so I thought I’d write about them and then you can choose what you like best, or you could go to both of them and get a mega-multicultural experience.

33rd Dragon Boat Festival, Memorial Drive River to JFK Street ,Charles River June 9-10, 2012 for more info go to Boston Dragon Boat

Seriously, this is right down the street to our house, you can just walk over and check it out. I’m sure there will be plenty of people and you might learn a thing or two about traditions in China being carried out in the US.

Greek Orthodox Festival, Cambridge, MA, June 15, 16, and 17th

I attend church in Cambridge, and I pass by this beautiful church every Sunday. It is easy to get to on the number 1 bus, going into Cambridge and they will have fun music and awesome food, so if you have never been to a Greek festival or heard awesome Greek music, or have no idea about Greece, then maybe you should learn something about these awesome Greeks over in Cambridge. Here is the church’s website for even more details: St. Constantine Church website

Hope you have fun! Its raining again today, but the weather should be extra summery by the end of the week. Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, this coming weekend.


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June 2012 Events Part I

I was inspired last night by one of the girls to write again.

We went out as a house community to Boston Burger Co. which by the way is such a good place. So unhealthy. So wonderful. They have these sweet potato fries that are so amazing. aww.. drools*

One of the girls at the house works there, and she is THE MOST AMAZING WAITRESS EVER!! KB We love you!

I digress.

So I asked her what she would like to see more of on the website. And she told me she’d like to see some of Boston’s happenings in the summer time.

Which makes sense… a lot of times I am here in the summer and I KNOW things are happening all over the place. What are they? Well I’m not quite sure I know how to even figure it out. I just find that I don’t know how to find it online in the plethora of websites and calendars available at my fingertips. A sea of websites. So many websites. *gets lost*

So I’ve thought of relieving you of some of that stress and pointing out to you some of the events that are right in our backyard. So I will present one every week, and evolve to adding more as the weeks to summer progress.

So this week I present to you 30th annual Scooper Bowl.

its the 30th anniversary

The nation’s largest all-you-can-eat ice cream festival! What’s not to love about this event!?!! Plus you are helping cancer research. How amazing is that?!
It is held this year at the Boston City Hall Plaza on June 5-7, 2012

My friend who is a Boston native tells me this is one of her favorite events of the year. So please do yourself a favor and go to this event! I mean.. take me with you. My birthday is June 8. Hey.. I’ll take an early birthday present!

Hope you have an awesome fun filled day. Stay dry in this dumb ol’ rainy Boston weather. May we look forward to drier, sunnier days.


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Spring is near!

Did you miss snow this year? I sure did. I missed seeing it, since living in New England usually promises plenty of snow.

One could argue that the weather is unpredictable, and that lots of snow last year (2011) and little to no snow this year mean that the balance of life has just taken place. I suppose living in New England also promises lots of impossibilities, but I digress.

I say all this because Spring is actually officially here, and with the coming of Easter and other Spring festivities (ie.  Iran’s New Year was celebrated on the first day of Spring, March 20), its time to put up your winter coat and go out and shop and have fun, and buy a cute skirt, or an awesome blouse that is in style, or like a long skirt, those are in this season right?

There are a few confinement stores around Newbury St. I suppose if you like Second Time Around, there are two stores on Newbury, each offering different clothing, as these stores often do. I also learned that they help local artists and vendors by selling their items in store as well, from homemade trinkets to handmade jewelry. Pretty cool!

If you are a poor bum like me, and have fun searching really hard for a gem in the most hopeless of places, you might really like a local Goodwill store the closest one is in Cambridge, just take the 1 bus til you see it outbound on the left hand side of Mass Ave. Its not new clothing, and you might think it smells funny, but take it home and wash it you lazy bum.. haha.. I’m really talking to myself.

The Garment District is apparently this really trendy spot, where you can find all kinds of fun clothing like dresses and skirts and for Halloween some girls like to go shopping there because that’s where all the cool kids shop.

And lastly there’s Rescue. Their website reminds me of a really high end fancy trendy place, and their prices are kinda high, but I mean, I feel like when you buy this kind of clothing you are looking for something quite expensive anyway. It sits right by a high end hair salon, and has a cute window display, but when I went in it seemed way too expensive for what I was getting. They also sell products produced locally like jewelry and such, just like Second Time Around, but I feel like the clientele for this store are people who want to convince themselves that they are saving money because that’s what cool people are doing now. If you are anyone special, you are saving money. I mean with all the problems in our economy… blah blah blah.

But I’m not complaining about the place. Its a great place. I saw some cute shoes there.


Happy Shopping!! Buy a cute skirt, and tell me where you got it from..

See you ladies around town.




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Sweet Treats Part I

I have a couple of questions for you.

Are you a student feeling down because its (already) almost midsemester?

Are you working and feeling dragged down by the coming of winter?

Is all the bad weather we had recently making you feel down in the dumps?

If you said yes, (or even if you said no!) you still totally deserve a sweet treat! As many of you ladies have found, there are plenty of places around that have yummy treats. But Pinkberry aside, here is a preview of different sweet treats Newbury St. and the surrounding area has to offer you. So bring along your tastebuds, a friend and your imagination and go for a walk around to explore yummy goodies. Part 1

In the Prudential center, you will find many different sweet treats. I find that many serve the tourist quite well with Boston motifs (think lobster gummies, red sox cookies), while others, although found nationwide, make living in Boston, and especially on Newbury St. that much sweeter. One of my favorite guilty pleasures My slice of cheesecaketo indulge in is found near the Huntington Avenue entrance, and it is the Cheesecake Factory. Sure you might have a Cheesecake factory in your hometown, but man oh man!! Those cakes are so yummy and delicious and sinful. Go to the website to find out about their meals too, at And when you go, please take a friend along to share with you. A slice of cake/pie is pricey, but if you take along a friend to share with you, you’ll find that there is less guilt involved, and you can split the 8 dollar cake into a 4 dollar treat. Or you can take it home and finish it later. We won’t tell.

I feel it necessary to talk about Pinkberry since I’m sure you’ve seen the line that has formed outside of the small shop and wondered, “Is it really THAT good?”
It is located only a block away from our house, going toward Mass. Ave. If you are going, make sure to bring a friend along, since I think part of the fun is seeing what other people put in their frozen yogurt. OH! and don’t you dare mistake frozen yogurt for “just ice cream.” has a cool deal where you can see flavors that are seasonal, so if you don’t like this season’s peanut butter fro-yo, then wait for next season’s pomegranate, or summer’s watermelon. So yummy. Mix and match flavors and top them off however you want, using fruit, cereal or candy toppings, and you have got yourself a fun, custom made dessert that is all yours. Enjoy!



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Bethany Union Blog

My name is Sunday Trevino, and I am glad to introduce to you a series of blog entries that will help you as you settle into Bethany Union House, and Boston in general.
This blog exists to aid in the informational and emotional experience of moving to Boston for the first time. Do you want to be aware of your surroundings? Of course you do! And however long you live in Boston, you will find that you can never fully discover every detail that it has to offer.
From where to shop, to where to get your nails done, I will attempt to introduce you to some of the discoveries I have found, and hope that you can use my humble advice so that you can go out and discover these things for yourself. Most of these entries will read like a Bethany-Union- personalized-YELP review, so if you have any suggestions or questions about entries, let me know, and I’d be glad to help you, or even write about something you are interested in.

It looks like this.

First off, I’d like to introduce you to where I like to shop for groceries. For those of you who are brand new to the Boston area, or are living in the US for the first time, you need to go down a block from the house to Boylston St. and visit Trader Joe’s. This eclectic shop is great for a quick shop, and is a short walk away from the Prudential Center and the Hynes Green line. If you visit the website, you will find recipes and fun facts about the products they offer. It is also a great place to find healthy alternatives and vegetarian alternatives at low prices. I particularly like the desserts from Trader Joes, because they seem like they are healthier for some reason.
Shop opens at 8 am and closes at 10 pm every day, I suggest you avoid busy hours, usually around 11 am until 3 pm. You may be bombarded by tourists at this Boylston location, so if you are interested in a larger, less crowded version of this shop, there is another location in Cambridge. Just take the Red line to Central and walk down Magazine until you get there. It’s a 20 minute walk, but this Trader Joe’s offers more and is reminiscent of a neighborhood shop that you might fancy a bit more.
Thanks for reading and enjoy.
Sunday Trevino

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